A night in Hollywood

Have you ever been to International Prom at OU?  If you answered no, then that’s a mistake.  International Prom is the best student organized event I have ever been to at OU and I’m so glad I was able to go again this year.

This year’s theme was Hollywood. The decorations were subtle but gorgeous…well the huge light up hollywood sign wasn’t subtle, oh and the red carpet that led into the ballroom wasn’t so subtle.  Okay maybe subtle wasn’t the best adjective.  The decorations were tasteful and stunning.  The gold balloons filled the dance floor and twinkle lights made the room feel magical.  IAC really went all out this year and it was beautiful.

As always, my favorite part of International Prom is the dancing.  It’s not like the dancing at your high school prom (ranging from extremely inappropriate to awkwardly slow dancing with your crush, to just jumping up and down with your hands in the air).  It was REAL dancing:  Dancing from all around the world on one stage.  When you step on the dance floor, it’s like stepping into a world of its own, one the has different moves from different countries, all to the same rhythm. I truly can’t explain it in a way to give the scene any justice.

I was dressed in a typical American cocktail dress but some people were wearing the traditional formal wear from their counties. It was a room the embodied the word culture.

The theme might have been Hollywood but I definitely felt like I was experiencing every culture other than Hollywood.  It was a wonderful evening.

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