Delectable Diversity

There’s just something exciting about foreign food.  The smells are completely new but comforting.  The look might be intimidating yet still inviting.  The curiosity of culture is culminated in trying new foods.

Delectable Diversity was set up at the OU Library and they provided free  food from all around the world.  I thought this was an amazing idea! It allowed students to experience culture in a creative way without money holding them back.  It transcended borders all within the walls of the library.

As American’s we are often exposed to a plethora of international cuisine options, but what we don’t realize is that most of those international options are merely “Americanized.”  Real Chinese food is extremely different than what we think it is here.  Real Italian food isn’t just pasta and pizza, those are merely the first courses.  With events like Delectable Diversity, students are able to get a small taste of what real international cuisine is like.

A fun way to explore new cultures is through food.  Food makes people happy.  It connects them to home, to people, and to memories.  Sharing a meal with someone as a long standing tradition and form of entertainment.  One of the best ways to get to know someone is through sharing a meal together.  I think a great way to connect more international and American students is through food.  The next time you are with a friend from a different country, offer to cook together, each creating their favorite snack or meal.  The stories and the food you’ll share will definitely remembered.

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