Eve Of Nations

Eve of Nations. What a truly magical evening.  Seeing so many different students performing for their culture and their country all in one evening one one stage is an experience most people never get to have.

The best part of the evening was seeing the pride each student had for their country.  Every person gave their all in the performances and their love for their country made the performances that much more real and authentic.

I didn’t attend Eve of Nations just to watch the show, I also participated.  At the beginning of the event, there was a fashion show.  Since I am the American Liaison for IAC, IAC asked me to walk for the United States.  I was extremely nervous and kind of embarrassed because I had no idea how “American” dress could even be on the same stage as some of the more elaborate and beautiful traditional wear of the other countries. I asked my friend to join me and we decided to exaggerate one of America’s stereotypes, country western.  We dressed up in boots, shorts, and plaid shirts and walked on to “Sweet Home Alabama.”  We were ;laughing the whole time and it made our little part so fun, even if we had nothing against the other participants in the show.

I am so glad IAC puts this event on each year.  It is so important and a beautiful portrayal of unity, oftentimes lacking in our everyday life.  Celebrating the global community is something that needs to be done more often and I truly hope Eve of Nations can continue to grow and reach more people.

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