Festival of Lights Take 2

This year, I was blessed again to be nominated multicultural chair for my sorority.  So to carry on the tradition I stated last year, I wanted to have the Festival of Lights Multicultural event again.  It was such a success last year and I made so many friends from the event.  It was thrown together last minute but somehow we had around 40 people attend and fostered great new friendships.

This year I decided to partner the even with a different fraternity.  I didn’t think that changing the fraternity would change the dynamic of the event too much as I had more friends in the second fraternity so I figured it would be easier to get more people.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  It is sad to see, but there was a small but distinct difference between the two events.  The fraternity last year was actually excited to participate in the event and meet international students.  The guy I worked with to put on the event had the same intentions as me: get the greek community more involved with the international community.  Because we were both passionate about that mission, he had other guys there that were passionate about it too and so everyone at the event wanted to be there and made it enjoyable and fun.

This year, even though I knew the person who was helping me for the event, there was no passion.  He thought it sounded like a good idea but was more concerned with what girls from my sorority showed up than the international students who showed up.  The guys who attended didn’t even know it was a multicultural event so the vibe of the night was awkward and completely different than last years event.

All in all, I was still able to make it worth while and fun for the few international students who showed up, but it opened my eyes to how important it is to share a passion for the international community.

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