Fuzzy’s Fall Welcome Event

For the first time ever, Phi Beta Delta hosted a Fall Welcome Event.  The other Executive officers and I spent weeks planning for this new tradition and it was definitely worth it.  Each year, Phi Beta Delta only has one event, Induction.  It used to be that an email would go out accepting those who applied and qualified, those individuals would pay their one time dues, and then they wouldn’t hear from PBD again until late spring when they were officially inducted into the Honor Society.  We wanted to change that dynamic, so we did.

This year we hosted a fall welcome event for old members and new prospective members.  We had fuzzy’s cater and it was a hit.  The 2017/2018 members had just been accepted but their payment was not due yet so it was an opportunity for them to get to know the executive officers and current members of the organization.  We sat in Farzaneh Hall, surrounded by way too much chips and queso and answered any questions.

We went around telling stories of where we studied abroad.  Some of us went to the same places but most of us were diverse in location.  It was great getting to hear other’s experiences in places Ive only dreamed of traveling.  It was also funny hearing people tell their experience of their time studying abroad here in the U.S.

I think this event was extremely successful.  It helped bring us all together. Most people I hadn’t seen since induction last spring!  I really hope this event and tradition sticks around because I think it is a great addition to the society’s events.

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