Global Engagement Day: After Undergrad Opportunities

I have been to many “After Undergrad” talks, but today, for some reason this one hit me a little harder.  As part of Global Engagement Day, I attended the After Undergrad Opportunities forum on Fulbright and the Peace Corp.  Unfortunately, I did not apply to Fulbright so hearing about the opportunities that come with it made me a little sad I didn’t apply.  In the past, I told myself, I’ll apply in 2 years, I’ll apply next year, and so on, but this year I couldn’t. I missed my chance.

I originally thought I would be spending one more year here at OU getting my masters degree.  When this was still the plan, I was going to apply for Fulbright my last year.  But as life has a tendency to do sometimes, it changed and my plans had to change as well.  I decided to graduate in four with just my undergraduate degree meaning I had missed the chance to apply for Fulbright.

I am so excited for my other friends who have been granted their Fulbright scholarships and I’ll have to live vicariously through them.  In the meantime, I just have to take every opportunity to travel that I can get so that I don’t feel as though I missed out.

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