Goodbye OU

Today is the day. My gown is hanging on the door draped in what I have accomplished these past 4 years.  As I look at the stoles and chords and medals that drape over that black robe, I could not be more proud. It’s funny how everything I’ve done here at OU can be symbolized by material draped across my shoulders.

When I look back at these four years, I’m happy to say that what I’ll remember most is my experience with the international community.  Every year I have met new people from all around the world. I have friends from Germany, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, France…the list goes on and on.  I had no clue that I would be going to school in Oklahoma  but leaving with friends from all around the world.

The Global Engagement Fellowship has been an integral part of my experience here and I’m not just saying that because this blog is a part of the GEF requirement. I truly believe that this program exposed me to like minded people who love interacting with the international community.

I am going to miss walking through Farzaneh Hall and sharing the class rooms with people from all around the world.  I’m going to miss how easy it is to go to an international event and learn about some one else’s culture. I’m going to miss the multicultural experience that the college of international studies provides.  All this means is that I’ll have to remember how important this is to me and make sure I continue to immerse myself in the international community wherever I end up next year.


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