IAC, Year in Review: Being the American Liaison

As this year comes to an end, it is a great time to look back on what you’ve done.  It’s a time to look back at what you’ve succeeded, what things you wish you could have done and what things you still wish to accomplish.

Today, I want to look back at my time on exec for the International Advisory Committee as the American Liaison.  I have always had a passion for the international community on campus.  Here at OU we are so incredibly fortunate to have such a large international student presence.  Unfortunately, so few international students get a chance to meet and interact with the American students.  I remember going to an event and meeting a girl from Germany.  She was only at OU for the fall semester and the semester was winding down.  I asked her how she liked her time here at OU.  She said she loved it and made many friends within the international community but she was a little disappointed that she hadn’t met any American students.  She had been on campus for an entire semester and I was the first American student she had met.  That made me so sad! At that moment, I knew I had to do something to unite the too communities on campus. That is what led me to the position I now hold as American Liaison.

Pairing this position with my position as Multicultural Chair in my sorority was effective and made me better at each position respectively.  I was able to pass on IAC events and other international student organization events to my sorority and other friends of mine on campus.  I was able to help IAC find new ways to market to the American students to increase their event attendance and increase more interaction.

Looking back, I am so thankful for the IAC exec team.  They were so supportive and encouraging but most importantly, they blew my mind! They worked so hard and gave their all to the organization and it was inspiring.  I plan to continue this position next year and do even more than I did this year.  I feel like it took me a while to get my bearings in the new position.  This year gave me a chance to learn and follow and next year I plan to do even more and follow in the past execs footsteps.  I admire each and every one of them and I will greatly miss them next year.


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