Mr./Ms. International

Mr. and Ms. International was such an eye opening event.  Much like Eve of Nations, it was an opportunity for students to represent not only their country but also themselves. Each participant displayed their country’s traditional attire and some even performed traditional dances or songs.  Most of them took the opportunity to perform their own specific talent even if it did not completely relate to their home country.

The talent show portion was amazing! It showed such diversity between countries but also showed how we are all alike.  We all have our hobbies, be it dancing, singing, or even weight lifting and seeing people representing themselves from all around the world, doing the same hobbies we have really crossed borders.

My favorite performer was from Angola.  It seemed like half the crowd was there for him.  For his talent he played a traditional drum.  The music started playing and the crowd went wild.  His Angolan friends all stood up and started dancing, clapping, chanting.  I sat in the audience and was in awe of the support! It made me want to be their friend.  Their energy was contagious and it made the performance more dynamic.

I would highly recommend attending Mr./Ms. International next year.  I would equate it to being a “mini” Eve of Nations: A chance to experience multiple cultures all on one stage.

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