OU invASIAN Showcase

I went to a special event called OU invAsian Showcase to watch my friend Brandon and Tommy perform.  The 8th annual showcase was put on by  alpha Kappa Delta Phi.  According to their Facebook event description, “The event displays the talents that Asian-Americans have developed through their opportunities in the United States. Our objective is to assist local artists in their endeavors to become more recognized in their perspective fields and to increase Asian awareness by showcasing talented Asian-Americans to the OU community.”

Brandon and Tommy are both rappers and have performed at the last two showcases.  Their popularity has grown since being in the showcase.  Brandon has several thousand views on his youtube video, “The Sky’s Limit” and one of Tommy’s songs has over 115,000 plays on soundcloud.

Each year, the Showcase invites a special performer and this year’s guest performer was J.R. Aquino from The Voice.  J.R. has a genuinely outstanding voice and the crowd went wild.

As this showcase is a contest, I was hoping Brandon and Tommy would place, but the talent at the event was outstanding.  Brandon and Tommy didn’t place but they were glad they were able to perform and they hope to gain even more awareness from performing this year.

If you’re interested, Brandon’s video link is below: https://youtu.be/ThSJ90bZ8bo

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