Phi Beta Delta Honor Society

I was inducted last spring to the Phi Beta Delta Honor Society.  This Honor Society is for International students or students who have studied abroad.  I hadn’t heard of this organization before last year so when I received the e-mail promoting the society, I knew I had to join.  Little did I know, when I submitted my application, that I would soon be elected the new Marketing Chair for the Honor Society.

As Marketing Chair, I promote all of the international events occurring on campus as well as promote study abroad opportunities.  In the fall, it is my responsibility to promote our honor society to those who qualify.  I was able to use my involvement in IAC and my membership in the Global Engagement Fellowship to reach many more international students than the society had been able to before.

Through this organization, I have shared many stories with people from all around the world.  It’s always fun to talk about our study abroad experiences, whether we’re American students laughing about similar stories from our time in Arezzo, or we’re laughing about shared experiences here at OU from foreign and native lenses.  I hope our society is able to grow and reach more people because it’s a great opportunity to share your experiences and meet people with your similar desire to travel and learn from different cultures


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