Phi Beta Delta Induction

It has been an incredible honor serving as the marketing chair for the Phi Beta Delta honors society this year.  My final act as Marketing Chair was at our spring induction ceremony where I shared with the new inductees the meaning behind the symbols in our crest.  As I read aloud what the crest symbolized for our honors society, it reminded me of what I value and what I have stood for these past 4 years at OU.

The globe represents the international perspective of the Society’s members. The torch symbolizes the leadership and influence of the Society. The sun stands for the energy from which all cultures draw strength. The book symbolizes the coining and sharing of knowledge. The shield represents the preservation of academic freedom.

The Society’s motto — “Scientia Mutua Mundi ” is inscribed at the base of the crest means “World’s Shared Knowledge.”

These past 4 years, I have traveled the world, I have been involved with international students and groups, I have studied many different cultures and will be graduating with a degree in International Studies. “World’s Shared Knowledge” is what my education here at OU has been. I’m happy to be a part of a society that honor those traits and to have served as marketing chair with the goal of seeking out others who share these traits as well.

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